GreenLight™ Laser Therapy

GreenLight™ Laser Therapy

Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that helps provide immediate relief from enlarged prostate symptoms.

GreenLight™ Laser Therapy


GreenLight™ Laser Therapy is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that can help provide immediate relief from enlarged prostate symptoms such as frequent urination – especially at night, weak urine flow, urgency and incomplete bladder emptying. In addition, GreenLight™ Laser Therapy requires no incisions and typically has no overall deleterious impact on sexual function.

Our Steward Medical Group provider, Mourad Abouelleil, MD is the only one in Brevard County that has been certified as a GreenLight™ Center of Excellence provider.  He offers GreenLight™ Laser Therapy for patients diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). GreenLight™ Laser Therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of men gain relief from frustrating BPH symptoms affecting their lives and the people closest to them.

During the GreenLight™ procedure, the tissue blocking your prostate is rapidly heated and vaporized. Natural urine flow is rapidly restored in most patients. Many patients can go home without a urinary catheter. An overnight stay may be recommended for some patients.

Advantages of GreenLight™ Laser Therapy


Compared with traditional surgical options, GreenLight™ Laser Therapy is associated with:

  • Significantly less chance of severe blood loss
  • Same-day surgery in most cases
  • Significantly faster recovery in typical cases for the following:
    • Shorter hospital stay
    • Shorter catheterization time
    • Less bleeding

  • Comparable risks and outcomes

Frequently asked questions:

What is GreenLight Laser Therapy?
GreenLight™ Laser Therapy uses a laser to remove excess prostate tissue. The laser treatment is delivered through a thin, flexible fiber, which is inserted into the urethra through an instrument called a cystoscope.

How does GreenLight Laser Therapy work?
A small fiber is inserted into the urethra through a cystoscope. The fiber carries laser energy that quickly removes prostate tissue. The tissue removal will allow urine to pass through freely. Natural urine flow is rapidly restored and urinary symptoms are quickly relieved in most patients.

Do I have to stay in the hospital after a GreenLight procedure?
GreenLight™ Laser Therapy is generally an outpatient procedure. Typically, no overnight stay in the hospital is required, but it will depend on your individual condition.

Will I experience discomfort during the procedure?
Your doctor will discuss anesthesia requirements, as well as pain medication to ensure your comfort during and after the procedure.

Will I experience discomfort after the procedure?
Most patients experience mild discomfort such as slight burning during urination for a week or so. This can be managed with mild pain and anti-inflammatory medication.

What are the risks of GreenLight Laser Therapy?
All surgical treatments have inherent and associated risks. The GreenLight™ Laser System is intended for removal of soft tissue, including vaporization of the prostate for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Potential risks include irritative symptoms, bleeding, retrograde ejaculation and urinary tract infection. You should talk with your doctor about benefits and risks before moving forward with any treatment option.

How long will it be before I notice results?
Most patients experience very rapid relief of symptoms and a dramatic improvement in urine flow. This typically occurs within 24 hours of the procedure. However, medical history, your health condition and other factors can influence treatment and recovery.

How soon can I return to work or normal activity?
Most patients can resume normal activities within a couple of days. Typically, strenuous activity can be resumed within a short time. Your doctor will discuss any restrictions and your specific condition during your consultation.

Will there be any sexual side effects?
You should be able to have normal sexual experiences, including the same sensation of an orgasm, after the procedure. Some men may experience “retrograde ejaculation,” or “dry climax.” This does not affect erection or orgasm.

How is GreenLight™ Laser Therapy different from transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)?
Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is a procedure that involves use of a heated wire to cut excess tissue from the prostate and has been used to treat an enlarged prostate for many years. Instead of cutting, GreenLight™ Laser Therapy uses a laser to vaporize excess prostate tissue.

Is GreenLight Laser Therapy as effective as TURP?
A recent clinical study to compare the two procedures showed similar improvement in urinary symptoms and urine flow. GreenLight™ Laser Therapy was shown to provide shorter recovery and less catheterization time.

Is GreenLight Laser Therapy covered by insurance?
Medicare and most private insurers cover the GreenLight™ Laser Therapy procedure. Boston Scientific does not guarantee insurance coverage for any procedure or product. It is the responsibility of the patient to contact their insurance provider for specific coverage information.

How long has GreenLight Laser Therapy been around?
GreenLight™ Laser Therapy has been marketed since May 2001 and over 900,000 patients have been treated worldwide with the therapy.

How do I know if I am a candidate for GreenLight Laser Therapy?
Only your doctor can determine if you are a candidate for GreenLight™ Laser Therapy. The GreenLight™ procedure is generally appropriate for most symptomatic BPH patients. You and your doctor will assess your symptoms and desired outcomes together and determine the best course of treatment.

How do I know if I should have a GreenLight Laser Therapy procedure?
You and your doctor will assess your symptoms and desired outcomes together before choosing the best course of treatment for you.

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